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Create certificates & documents for students and staff with ease! Use Teachmint’s Online Certificate Generator to generate certificates for any occasion as well as documents for teachers.

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Certificates & Documents for Any Occasion

Create certificates & documents for students & teachers from scratch, or use preset templates, complete with backgrounds, editable fields, and watermarks for any occasion.

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Generate Certificates in Bulk

Download and print certificates in bulk for easy management on the side of administrators

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Autoupdate Student Details on Certificates

Automate the process of Certificate Generation by letting Teachmint’s integrated school platform update student details as when they are added.


1. Versatile Templates

Teachmint offers admins the ability to create certificates using a wide range of preset templates for any occasion, academic or extracurricular. If the admin is not satisfied with the preset templates, they can also create a template from scratch and use that for their documents

2.Customize your Certificates

Make the certificates as specific to your school as possible by adding logos, images, and watermarks that make your certificates exclusive and unique.

3. Enables Editing After Certificate Generation

Teachmint offers the chance to edit and make changes in the process of certificate generation even after it has been created. This can reduce possible errors in the process.

4.Preview Certificates Before Downloading/Printing

Teachmint’s Certificate Generation feature makes it possible to preview the finished certificate as a final measure before printing or downloading it. This further helps reduce errors and improves efficiency.

5.Updates Student Details

The Certificate Generation feature of Teachmint is quite useful for admins when considering updating the certificates. The details of the students will be automatically updated because of the interconnected nature of Teachmint’s integrated school platform..

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Certificates are a way of ensuring that students are appreciated for their work and can greatly improve not only their morale but also their interest in an activity. Teachmint’s Online Certificate Generator offers administrators various templates to issue certificates whenever necessary and if that is not sufficient, create a certificate online from scratch. In addition, it also helps them generate documents for teachers such as salary slips, recommendation letters, etc.