Why learnsiksha Institution Excellence Software?

The institutions which build the future of the Nation and World, needs to manage a lot many things throughout the year. learnsikhsha An ultimate institution and school ERP software that seamlessly integrates every function of a institution by automating the entire value chain of the organisation

Simple and Easy-to-use

Clean and clutter-free interface to engage teachers, students and parents. No expertise required to accomplish a task quickly.

Powerful Features

We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution successfully. No customization required.

Unlimited Student Licenses

With its ability to include infinite student licenses, learnsiksha institution excellence software is suitable for large, small and growing institutions.

Customizable Dashboards

learnsiksha's dashboards can be customized to suit any format for the efficient functioning of the institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

LearnSiksha ISP is a school operating system empowering all stakeholders in a school with an all-in-one platform that offers state-of-the-art administrator tools for better school management and a modern LMS to enable better learning outcomes in schools. With our powerful and innovative SaaS solutions, our aim is to enable educators worldwide to transform teaching & learning experiences in schools.

Traditional school management systems focus solely on simplifying the administrative processes in a school. On the other hand, LearnSiksha ISP not only solves for administrative efficiency but also comes with modern LMS which empowers teachers with advanced teaching tools for better classroom management and effective learning outcomes for studentsLearnSiksha ISP provides dedicated Apps for teachers, students & parents enabling better communication among all stakeholders. Built and deployed on Google CloudLearnSiksha ISP also has industry-first features that ensure effective student tracking and safety.

LearnSiksha holds an ISO 27001:2013 certification and is compliant with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023. We have a well-established system of security measures, including VPN-based access, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), cloud protection, routine audits, data encryption, and role-based access control. These safeguards work harmoniously to protect school data To add another layer of credibility, we also have our security systems and controls audited by an independent body called Bureau Veritas, one of the world's leading certification bodies established in 1828. Their process of audits and monitoring verify compliance. With Teachmint, you can dive into your digital learning journey with total assurance, knowing your precious information is guarded vigilantly.

The LearnSiksha School LMS is a cutting-edge LMS solution to enhance classroom experience and transform your teaching - learning infrastructure. It allows administrators to monitor all academic activities, parents to communicate with instructors, students to measure their progress, and teachers to increase their output. It enables teachers to transform learning outcomes by sharing learning materials, a 2M+ question bank, tools to create and complete assessments, analyze student & classroom performance and gives learners all the resources they need. It is also accompanied by a multilingual mobile application with 20+ languages, 360-degree holistic report card maker and exam planner.

LearnSiksha School LMS is a powerful tool that connects all stakeholders for a school in one place for seamless, transparent communication. LearnSiksha School LMS makes assessments including short quick tests, quizzes, multiple-choice questions and more easier. Combined with our multilingual mobile app with 20+ languages, the exam planner for accurate scheduling of assessment exams and a 360-degree holistic report card, our LMS empowers teachers and students to focus on learning.